Powerkiosks partner with Equity Bank to offer loans for solar products

Ecomoto rolls out with training of kiosk operators in Kenya

Ecomoto is a platform powered by Equity Foundation, a social impact arm of Equity Bank. Ecomoto enables customers to access loans to purchase solar products and energy efficient cookstoves through their mobile phones.

Solar Kiosk Kenya has entered a partnership with Equity Bank to roll out merchant outlets across Power Kiosks, allowing customers having a bank account with Equity and an equity line (Equittel) to come to the kiosk to request a loan. Once the loan is approved, the Power Kiosk operator receives the funds in her Equittel account and delivers the solar product to the customer. To launch the partnership, 17 Power Kiosk entrepreneurs just completed their training.

This is in line with Solarkiosk's commitment to enable access to finance at the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid in rural communities in Kenya. Solarkiosk is also working with Equity Bank to roll out agency banking to allow kiosk customers to access other types of banking services at the kiosks.